More memory for Synology DS1515+

Update: Let’s work together and capture data on what memory modules work, and which don’t, on the DS1515+ and other Synology NAS models!


As noted in a previous post, a new Synology DS1515+ NAS landed here the other week. It’s a very nice products in most respects, but a couple of rather annoying details bring the overall impression down – more on that in a later post.

The DS1515+ ships with 2 GB of RAM, with an extra, empty memory slot available for memory upgrades. 2 GB is really on the low side if you intend to run additional applications on the NAS. CrashPlan for example is built on Java, which is pretty resource hungry to begin with, then the memory consumption goes up with the number of files backed up.

Synology specs tells us that a 4 GB SO-DIMM can be added, for a total of 6 GB. Stories from the Synology forum however indicate that it is quite possible to replace both the internal (some disassembly required, probably voiding warranty..) and user accessible RAM modules, for a total of 16 GB RAM.

With a bunch of different SO-DIMM modules in the drawers here, let’s test them to see which ones can be used with the DS1515+ and which ones cannot.

The tests below are done on a DS1515+ unit, I don’t know whether it also applies to the DS415+ model, which uses the same CPU as the DS1515+.
According to Synology specs, the DS1815+ and DS1515+ should use a  “DDR3-1600 unbuffered So-DIMM 204pin CL=11 1.5V” , but does not list any memory for the DS415+ (probably because there is no user replaceable memory in that model).


RAM modules working with the factory standard RAM


RAM modules NOT working with the factory standard RAM


The details – RAM modules for the Synology DS1515+

A complete list of the tested RAM modules is found here.


Return to sender

When ordering the DS1515+ I also got a set of 2x8G Corsair modules, problem is that they are 1.35 V, while Synology says the memory has to be 1.5V. On the other hand, people on the Synology forum has reported success with 1.35V modules – not clear what works and what does not. I am sending these back, exchanging them for a set of 1.5V modules instead. Should hopefully work.


DS1515+ resource monitor
DS1515+ resource monitor

For now one of the 2GB modules shown above is used in the NAS, bringing total memory to 4GB, of which ca half is used right now, according to the NAS resource monitor. The plan is to add a couple of apps that will require a fair amount of memory, so an upgrade is needed.


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  1. Bought the 1515+ and purchased Synology RAM module. Opened up the box and there is no expansion port for RAM. The only RAM is inside the box and hard to reach. I already own a 1513 so I knew how to expand and was stumped because there was no expansion module. I sent a note to Synology and they said that the 1515+ does not come with a RAM expansion slot. So I’m stuck with extra RAM that I can either send back or use after I remove the 2GB RAM currently inside. My question is, will I have any problems upgrading the internal 2GB to 4GB – will the current motherboard handle the extra RAM?

    1. Hi Don,

      the DS1515+ I have has one user-accessible memory slot (you need to take the cover off first, of course), and another one further into the NAS’ guts.
      I did however realise that you could get a new memory module also into that second internal slot, without dismantling the entire unit. If I recall correctly, I just removed a couple of cables from the NAS main board/PCB, then ejected the internal memory module, slid it out of the guts of the NAS, then reversed the process for the new module.
      I now have 8 GB in the easily accessible memory slot, and 4 GB in the internal one. Works a treat.

    1. Just installed 2 x 8GB in without issue. (Below is the model/link)

      I suppose if you use single slot, DDR3 or DDR3L should work. However, if you use both slots, both SODIMM must be same voltage ratings. I have tested DDR3 (1.5V) and DDR3L (1.35V) with single/dual slot, and all works fine without issue as long as you do not mix DDR3 and DDR3L SODIMM.

      Hope this helps.

      Vengeance® — 16GB High Performance Laptop Memory Upgrade Kit (CMSX16GX3M2B1600C9)

  2. Thanks for the great write up. I tried installing one 1.35v stick and found that the processor is heating up, goes upto 60c before the fans kick in at full blast, I removed the 1.35v stick and it went back to 50c.

    I did not replace the internal stick, maybe it is running at 1.5v and maybe this is the reason.

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