Butler Auth 1.0 now available – strong authentication for Qlik Sense!

Photo by Jon Moore on Unsplash

After thinking about the concept for a few years and actively working on it for six months, it’s time for the first public release.

The Butler family of open source DevOps tools for Qlik Sense Enterprise has a new member: Butler Auth

Always open source

Butler Auth is of course open source.

The idea of the tool is to make it as easy as possible to use authentication services such as Microsoft, Google, Keycloak, Okta, Auth0, LDAP and others with Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows.

Features offered by these services (such as 2-factor authentication, hardware security keys etc) are automatically available via Butler Auth.

Version 1.0 supports 9 different authentication providers: 

  • Okta
  • Auth0
  • Keycloak
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • LDAP
  • Local file
  • Single user
  • Facebook

This newest member of the Butler family even has its own doc site: 


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