How I learned to stop doing manual screen shots and love SenseOps automation

😖Let’s be honest now.

Does your 🧠 really enjoy the manual process of taking screenshots and processing 15 sheets each in 50 different apps?
And then keeping those sheet icons updated as the sheets are modified…?

Didn’t think so.
No-one likes that and the result is usually outdated sheet icons in your Sense apps.

⁉️You know what? There is a better solution.

Butler Sheet Icons fully automates this process.
🌟 Update all sheets in one app or process a hundred apps with a single command.
🌟 Include the tool in your CI/CD pipelines.
🌟 Or just schedule it to run daily on your server.
🌟 Open source = free to use.

The result is simply sheet icons that accurately show what the underlying sheet looks like. Boom! 💥

Now to the *really* good part. ☕️🧁🦄

Version 2 has been released and it adds some pretty neat things:

1️⃣ Support for Qlik Sense Cloud.
2️⃣ Pre-built binaries for Windows, macOS and Docker. No installation needed, just download and run.

Zero to automatically created sheet thumbnails in a few minutes! 💯

Downloads available on GitHub:
Comprehensive docs are on GitHub too:

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