Syncing Firefox sessions across computer and platforms

I regularly use 3-4 different computers, from time to time also guest operating systems running in virtual machines. For years I have been thinking it would be great if you could bring your current Firefox status with you to a different computer, for example between a Mac and PC.

After recently actually looking into this topic I found the new Mozilla Weave Firefox extension. It is in beta and have some bugs, but is very promising even in its current state. However, it doesn’t sync sessions.

I recently also started using the nice Dropbox service for file syncing. Dropbox has both Windows and Mac clients and works fully transparently: any file you put in the dedicated Dropbox folder on your local computer is automatically synced to the Dropbox service and from there propagated out to your other computers where you have Dropbox installed and running. As you get 2 GB of free storage that is more than plenty for storing session information.

Only thing missing now is to find where Firefox’ sessions files are stored. As I am using the excellent Session Manager Firefox extension, a quick look in the Advanced tab of its options dialog revealed that you can indeed specify where Session Manager’s session files should be stored. Change this to your local Dropbox folder and you are set! As soon as you save a session in Session Manager it will be almost instantly available on your other computers. To use them on these other computers you use the “Load session…” command in Session Manager’s menu, which in turn is found in Firefox’ Tools menu.

Have been using this setup for some weeks now, works flawlessly.

Wiring the house

Moving to a house from an apartment made me realize you have new things to consider.

– How much money is spent on heating?

– We have a 45-year old, huge water boiler in the basement, how much does it cost to keep it running? Would we save money by replacing it with a modern one?

– It is said that return-on-investment on air-air heat pumps is quite short, around 18 months is often mentioned. But before installing such a pump to reduce the need for electrical heating it would be great to have a system in place measuring how much electricity is used for electrical heating before and after the pump is installed, and how much energy the pump itself uses.

– How do you measure the above, collect the data and present it in a good way?

– After installing radio controlled switches across the house, how do you control them in a good way? The included remote works ok, but a computer interface is really what is needed to create more advanced lightning setups.

In the coming posts I’ll sum up the experiences made in planning, building, configuring and running the above services. Having searched the net for information and experiences from others I have found some, but not a whole lot. Hopefully my findings will help others with similar plans and ideas.