Posting to Slack from Qlik Sense load scripts, part 1

When thinking about it, it’s kind of strange that Slack has been so enormously successful.

Sure, it’s a great instant messaging tool, but it’s not a new concept – IM tools have been around for decades, and IRC, Google chat and others rose to be very dominant and present in everyone’s minds.

Still, Slack does bring something new with the ease of setup, the slick user interface, really good clients on both web, Windows, OSX, IOS and Android. And more than anything else, they provide a very extensive set of integrations (also mentioned in earlier post on great OSX tools), which makes it a breeze to have other systems send messages, status notifications etc to your Slack channel. Or vice versa – messages in Slack can be sent to those other systems. As of this writing the list of integrations is more than 85 entries long, including services like Dropbox, IFTTT, Twitter, various email integrations, Jira etc.

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