Making OS X awesome – one tool at a time (part 2)

The previous post listed some of my favourite OS apps, but there are a few more that also make everyday life easier. When thinking about it, the apps below are just as useful and important as the ones in the previous post. The apps are:

  • Wunderlist: Todo tracking
  • Carbon Copy Cloner: Best backup
  • CrashPlan: Buddy backup
  • f.lux: Late night screen glow
  • 1Password: Personal, private passwords

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Wake-on-lan workaround for OSX Yosemite on Mac Mini

Turns out that OS X Yosemite on Mac Mini does not support standard Wake-On-Lan (“WOL”), at "EthernetCableBlue2" by Raysonho @ Open Grid Scheduler / Grid Engine - Own work. Licensed under CC0 via Wikimedia Commons - not when using the built-in Ethernet port.
Which is strange – but when trying to make the media server attached to the household’s TV a bit more energy efficient, I just couldn’t get that Mac Mini to come out of sleep using a WOL magic packet. Others out there report the same thing, so it’s not an isolated issue for me. Just to rule out issues with the WOL client used, I tried waking Windows and Linux machines from sleep – worked flawlessly. Weird.

There was however an easy workaround:

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