Bulk import of Qlik Sense apps & tasks, take 2

Importing apps into Qlik Sense is a manual, tedious task. Creating reload tasks even more so. Ctrl-Q version 3.7 automates this fully, taking input from a single Excel file and then imports apps and creates tasks in a single go. Task chains supported too!

Bulk import of Qlik Sense apps & tasks, take 2

The latest version 3.7 of Ctrl-Q (available here) adds new features that make bulk import of apps and reload tasks much more useful and complete.

Ok... so what does that mean in plain English?

It is now possible to fully automate the creation of task chains in client-managed Qlik Sense Enterprise.

Define in an Excel file which apps should be imported, what tasks should be created and how the tasks should be linked together.

Then run a single command to import apps and create reload tasks.

Great for creating fast, well documented and repeatable workflows.

The new features are

  • Import apps from QVF files on disk.
  • The imported apps can be published to any stream, app owners, tags and custom properties can be set as needed on a per-app basis.
  • Imported reload tasks can be associated with either existing apps or newly imported ones.
  • Task chains can be created just as before, but now also including tasks associated with the newly imported apps.

Documentation and examples available here.

Previous version of Ctrl-Q supported bulk import of reload tasks only, described in a previous blog post.