Butler and SenseOps


SenseOps is simply the application of established best practises from the wider software community to Qlik Sense development.

In order to attract skilled developers to the Sense ecosystem, the proprietary barriers must be removed to the extent possible, and common tool chains used instead.
Today’s elite software developers expect to use  Visual Studio Code (or some other favourite editor) for writing code, git for storing code and something Jenkins-like for creating CI/CD pipelines. Instant messaging is done over Slack or similar services.

Using a web based editor and storing application code in a closed database is not what software developers at large expect – the idea of SenseOps is to solve these issues.
In short: Lower the barrier of entry to developing Sense-based applications, while at the same time improving app quality and enabling real-time operational insights into enterprise scale Sense environments.


The Butler family of open source tools implements various aspects of SenseOps. Examples include:

  • Butler SOS provides real-time monitoring of a Qlik Sense environment, including alerts and integrations with Slack and other IM tools, as well as incident handling tools like PagerDuty.
  • Butler cache warmer ensures that high priority Sense apps are always loaded and cached in the correct Sense servers.
  • Sense app duplicator makes it a ten second process to create a new Sense app, based on app templates written according to corporate best practices. This vastly improves code consistency and quality, and foster a uniform coding style across apps and developers.
  • The main Butler app is a general purpose integration service that allow easy starting of Sense tasks via a REST API, posting messages to Slack, tapping into the Sense logging framework in order to get real-time notifications when users start/stop using Sense, and much more.

Services offered by Ptarmigan Labs

Our founder Göran Sander wrote the Butler suite of open source tools, and is still the main contributor to them. While it is perfectly possible – and usually quite easy – to deploy these tools yourself, we can probably deploy them faster and better than anyone else.
If you are serious about operational monitoring of your Sense environment, as well as code consistency across your various Sense apps – get in touch and let’s discuss how Ptarmigan Labs can help you.

We always strive for knowledge transfer. A SenseOps project is only successful if your organisation understand, own and operate the concepts, processes and software involved.

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