Butler for Qlik Sense version 2.0

Butler for Qlik Sense version 2.0

A summer project is over, and Butler  has been released in a version that is a total rewrite of Butler version 1.x. Butler 2.0 includes features such as

  • Real-time monitoring of what users are active on a Sense Enterprise system
  • Real-time monitoring of failed reload tasks, with notifications sent as emails, to Slack channels and as MQTT messages
  • Starting Sense reload tasks from the load script or from external systems, using a REST API
  • Posting messages to Slack from the reload script. Great for sysadmin notifications as well as notifying end users that new data is available in an app
  • Sending MQTT pub-sub messages from the load script
  • Get full metadata, including load script, for any app
  • Getting free disk info for the Sense server
  • …and more

All in all, Butler 2.0 includes a set of features that offers greatly enhanced features for anyone involved in the operation of a Sense Enterprise environment.

Butler is available via Qlik Branch, with all source code hosted on GitHub.
Documentation is available on github.io. That documentation is the best starting point for learning more about what Butler does and how to use it.

Some sample screen shots shows what is possible to achieve:

Real-time charts showing # of active users, and who those users are
Posting to Slack from Qlik Sense load script

While Butler may not seem super exciting or flashy at first, it enables a lot of scenarios that are really interesting from a system administration and operations perspective, especially when it comes to building truly scalable Sense systems that can cater for hundred or thousands of users.

Several more blog posts are planned, focusing on specific use cases of Butler, as well as how Butler can be extended with new features. Stay tuned..