FLIR TG165 unboxing

FLIR TG165 unboxing

Got myself a new toy a while ago – A FLIR TG165 infrared camera.

These devices used to cost thousands of Euros/Dollars, but during the past year the have come down in price a lot. I got mine from SOS electronic, think they had a campaign on it back when I got it. This a rather low-end unit that does only have an IR sensor – no regular camera as the more expensive models have. That combination is actually very nice – it becomes really easy to understand where on the object under inspection the hotspots are.

The TG165 isn’t too bad though – it has a couple of lasers that create a bounding rectangle, indicating what part of the object is shown on the meter’s display. In practise this works great, so no problem there.

The camera is charged via the included USB cable, images stored on the micro SD card are also transferred over that USB connection.

All in all – a great piece of gear for both electronics work, as well as finding leaking windows in the house… which is a sad thing to look at, during this colder part of the year…

Nice build quality, sturdy and feels good holding.
Looking at a LED lamp
Menus are rather basic, but gets the work done.