Icon uploader for Qlik Sense

Icon uploader for Qlik Sense

They say looks isn’t everything, it’s the inside that counts.

Certainly true, but when it comes to web apps – including Qlik Sense apps – looks is important.

Let’s check – which of these apps would you rather use?

Sense standard icons
Font Awesome icons

I was recently (again…) faced with uploading a few hundred icons to a Qlik Sense environment. While perfectly possible to upload them 50 at a time via the QMC, I took it as an excuse to put the final touches to the more automated image upload concept discussed in an earlier blog post.

So without further ado, here is the latest addition to the Butler family:

The idea is simple:
Make it easy to use free, professional quality icon sets such as Font Awesome or Google’s Material Design with Qlik Sense.

The icon upload tool automates the process by using the excellent Sense APIs for uploading of images to Sense content libraries.

This makes it easy to offer free, high quality icons to developers of Sense apps, with better looking apps as a result.

Instructions and the needed scripts and code are available on GitHub.