JBC CD-2BC soldering station unboxing

Got a new toy the other day…

After using the same ERSA MS 6000 soldering station for the past 20 (!) years or so, it was time to upgrade. Nothing wrong with the old one really, except that it was hard to get new tips and that heating it up took a minute or two.

Getting a Chinese rip-off from eBay would be easy, but if the next soldering station would also last 20 years, why not get something slightly better?

JBC has a good reputation and seemed to have good value for money. So – here are some pics from the unboxing. Enjoy!

JBC CD-2BC station in nice, sturdy cardboard box
Notice how the box is folded to provide an integrated carrying handle?
Kind of cheap manual, turned out to be nothing about setting up the station. Hmmm.. On the other hand – it wasn’t needed – super easy.
Power cord and handpiece.
Except for the actual station, this is all there was in the box. No CD for the software, but that’s actually good. Rather reduce the carbon footprint and download the software instead.
The actual station
Connectors on the back: 220V, handpiece, USB (!), ground
Two tips included
Tips come in a nice plastic holder – very professional touch
The handpiece has a velcro strap holding it together. Would only be used during transportation – nice nonetheless.
Handpiece connector with locking mechanism. This was missing on the old ERSA 6000 – lot’s of bad connections on that one..
If no tip is inserted the station detects this and tells you. After inserting a tip it heats to 350 degree Celcius within a few seconds. AWESOME!!
Placing the handpiece into the holder puts the station into sleep mode, lowering tip temperature. Increasing the temp then takes just a couple of seconds.
Changing tips can be done using the integrated tip extractor. Not sure it will work… But the station does detect that you have placed the tip in the extractor, and lowers temperature in response. Nice.