👋 Please meet Ctrl-Q!

👋 Please meet Ctrl-Q!

…a new open source tool for Qlik Sense admins and developers

❓ Have you ever had to manually create dozens or even hundreds of master items in a Sense app? 😓
Only to later having to delete half of them? 🤯

❓ Or needed a detailed list of all bookmarks in an app?

❓ Or wondered how you could scramble data in certain fields in an app? 🕵️

Ctrl-Q tries to make life a bit easier for anyone involved in administering a client-managed Qlik Sense environment, or developing apps for that platform.
The idea is simply to automate otherwise repetitive and error-prone tasks.

The tool lives purely on the command line.
True, that means a bit more work to run it, but it also means you can script it and reuse those scripts again and again.

Available for Windows, Linux and macOS.
Free to use with a permissive MIT open source license.

Available at Github: https://github.com/ptarmiganlabs/ctrl-q