Windows update breaks QlikView server 11.20 SR10

Update: Turns out it is the “Update for Windows Server 2012 (KB3013767)” that when installed on the server in question prevents the QlikView Directory Service to start. Installing the other two updates mentioned below (KB3004365 and KB3029449) does not affect QV operation.


While doing regular maintenance of a QlikView server (running 11.20 SR8) recently (as part of my daytime job), the latest Windows service packs were installed, as usual. This is normally just routine procedure, but not this time.

QlikView Directory Service fails to start
QlikView Directory Service fails to start

After installation was done and the server restarted, it was impossible to log into the QlikView Access Point (i.e. the system’s web UI). The reason was that QlikView’s Directory Service, QDS, failed to start. Even manual attempts at starting it gave the error shown to the right. The error dialog mentions dependencies that fail to start, but this particular service does not have any dependencies listed in its properties dialog. Strange…

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