Butler 4.2 for Qlik Sense is out!

Butler 4.2 brings alerting superpowers to Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows.

This version of Butler might actually bring you the most flexible and powerful alert emails ever for Qlik Sense.

Layout and contents of the emails are configurable, script logs included in the email and more.

Find all details at butler.ptarmiganlabs.com.

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

2 Replies to “Butler 4.2 for Qlik Sense is out!”

    1. You want even more flexibility…?
      And here I was worried Butler was becoming too much of a doing-everything-tool… 😆

      Jokes aside, it’s a good idea.
      But difficult or impossible to implement.

      We can get the owner for an app, but there is no information in Sense about the email adress or similar for that user.
      Thus – if we don’t have any contact details of the app owner – how can we contact her/him?

      And it’s even more difficult with app creator, as that information just isn’t available via the Qlik Sense APIs.
      Sure, at some point it was written to log files that a particular user created a certain app.
      But if the owner of the app was later changed, the log files will be the only place containing information about who the original app creator was.
      I think… might have to dig into this, but I am pretty sure that’s how things work.

      If you’d like to suggest a feature I recommend GitHub: https://github.com/ptarmiganlabs/butler/issues
      The “New issue” button in top right corner will let you create a new bug report or feature request.

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